Friday, February 20, 2015

Surprise Sale!!

It has warmed up to 12 degrees and snowflakes are floating down outside my window.  The big flakes are lovely, but I'm already dreaming of warm spring sunshine and my favorite spot on earth -- the beach.

My family has fallen madly in love with the white beaches and turquoise waters along 30A (but please don't go there because we fear it will become too crowded!), and my favorite memories are digging in the warm sand with my children.  When making this next item, all I could think about was the spring I was pregnant with Mack and Mimi was a silly little toddler walking up and down the beach like a penguin.  This was when I first began sewing and I so wish I had begun before this time so that I could have packed this dress in her little suitcase for the beach . . .

The Seagrove Tilly 

Mint and white fabric with baby pink mini pom pom trim.  This dress makes me want to squeeze somebody. :)

A sweet little flutter sleeve . . . 

And my faaaaaaavorite part of the outfit -- the sweet little bloomers.  I remember when Mimi's little chubby legs wore these.  Your little can even wear them with a simple t-shirt on a hot day.  Or without one :)

The pastel colors make me dream of the pretty sun-bleached homes in Seaside and Grayton Beach . . . 

How precious is that trim peeking out at the bottom?

My other favorite part -- the big wooden button in the back.  One nice part about this outfit is that the neck is large enough to put on your little one without fussing with a button.


Go to the Brownie-Goose Showcase Page on Facebook on Monday, February 23rd, at 8:00 PM Eastern and be the first to type "SOLD" and your Paypal address.  (If you aren't comfortable posting your PP address, then please send a private message to the page immediately.)

Here are the deets on the Seagrove Tilly:

Size 18M
The dress is 16" long and measures 21" across the chest.
The bloomers will fit a waist size 17"-20".
One of a kind!!  Your sweet little one will be the only child in this exact dress!

And, please, for the love, promise me you'll snap some photos of your little one wearing this dress on a beach somewhere!


  1. SOLD. 2T. Picture it, a sweetheart named MaKynlee. On the beaches of the Central Coast in California. Paired with salt water sea wee sandals. Seriously, a way for west coast to pay tribute to the east coast. This mommy doesn't have Facebook, but she has paypal! :))))))))

    1. Can you please make this in 2t? Omg so very gorgeous!

    2. You are cute :). I would love to see this dress on a SoCal beach! I cannot remake this exact dress but will make something similar in a few weeks. I normally sell on, so you don't have to be a Facebooker! You can subscribe/follow this blog for updates of new items. Thank you!!!
      --Jeri Anne