Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Return Flight Tunic

More than anything, I choose to keep my sewing simple
 I want it to be no fuss for a little one to put on in the morning. 
 I want the fabric to flow freely and not cling to their arms when they need to reach high or climb. 
 I want it to be casual enough to wear to school but beautiful enough to wear to Sunday brunch with grandparents.  

And THIS is the epitome of Mimi and Mack.  The Return Flight Tunic.

As I am typing I see two feet of white fluffy powder on the ground with even more falling from the sky.  It is gorgeous and my children enjoy it . . . but I know in a few more weeks we will wish for warmer days.  The first sign that winter is gone and spring is approaching is the return flight of the birds.

And that is what this gorgeous piece reminds me of . . .

I am so happy with my first early spring piece.  The light mint green reminds me of a flavor of ice cream I craved as a child . . . what was the name of that?  Daiquiri Ice, maybe?  So cool and bright.

What is going on behind those sneaky eyes?

Although I am making this top for early spring, I plan to let Mimi wear it all year.  In the spring with a cardigan, bright magenta leggings, and ballet flats.  In the warm summer with white cropped jeans.  In the winter with cozy pants and pretty boots.  These shiny gold birds in flight will even be perfect for the holidays. 

The only fussiness is the pretty gold button.  And Mimi can easily slip this top on and off without even touching the button.

Layered with a simple gray cardigan.

This top with come in sizes 2-10.  It is fairly roomy, so it should fit all shapes well.  Mimi normally wears a 5 but is growing quickly, so this top is a 6.  You can't go wrong by ordering a size larger, but don't worry if you order your daughter's normal size.

**I will begin taking orders for the Return Flight Tunic this Friday, February 6, at 7:00 PM Central.
You can purchase at at this time.  You may type the size in the comments box when you pay for the top.

Mimi's Jeans are Old Navy, the cardigan is H&M, and the ballet flats are Yosi Samra.  I love a good mix of fancy and frugal :)

This gorgeous top was inspired by the Cali Faye Voila Top.

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