Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tonight!!! 9:00 PM Central!!

Just a reminder that if you want to get your hands on the November Shirt, Lexi Jumper, or the Zoe Blouse, then check out mimimack.bigcartel at 9:00 PM!!  Save the address and get your kiddos in the bed!

Here they are again in case you have forgotten . . .

The November Shirt

The button can be worn in the front OR the back.

The Lexi Jumper

Super soft gray flannel with a pretty plum button.

The Zoe Blouse

See you tonight!!!  Good luck!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Lexi Jumper and the Zoe Blouse

*All details on ordering are at the bottom:)

Remember the November shirt I showed you a few days ago?  You can see it here.

I love her.  So perfect and so sophisticated.

(and that yellow chair.  are you also coveting?)

I found this furry vest recently and have forced it on Mimi as much as possible.  Zoe didn't have to be forced.  She adores it layered over the November shirt.  This girl has great taste.  

But there's more . . . 

The cute and playful (and comfortable) 

Lexi Jumper.

Soft gray flannel with a block of print and mustard pockets.  She is so. much. fun on the chilly days.  Oh, and she is lined with soft flannel also.  

Pair her with a long-sleeved top and some cozy leggings.  

Lexi doesn't love pants, so this number is right up her alley.  
And doesn't she look sooo adorable in it??

Simple plum button in the back.  Very easy to pull on and off.  And did I mention it's comfortable?

Rock stars.

Now for my favorite, favorite, favorite piece of the fall . . . 

The Zoe Blouse

So lovely.

Simple plum button closure in the back.

Gathered at the top with super soft gray flannel at the bottom.
(I'm still shocked flannel can be so feminine and pretty.)

Cute stuff.

Because it is snowing outside, I love the Zoe Blouse paired with a simple cardigan.

Dressy enough for date night with Dad but cozy enough that your little girl will love wearing it.

*All three items -- the November Shirt, the Lexi Jumper, and the Zoe Blouse will be up for grabs this Wednesday night (Nov 19) at 9:00 PM Central at

Save the Big Cartel address and put it in your calendar!  I will try to remind you on Facebook, but not everyone has been seeing the mimi & mack updates (make sure you "Like" and "Follow" to get all the updates).

I only make a few of each item so there aren't six little girls in your Pre-K with the same outfit (and I get really bored making the same thing over and over!) so order early.

All three pieces can be made in sizes 2-10, and you can e-mail me the size after you purchase.

*The November Shirt was inspired by BG's Betsy Pattern.
That adorable furry vest is from -- get ready for this -- Tarjay!  That's right.  It was only about $17 at Target.

The Lexi Jumper was inspired by BG's Cricket Pattern.
The dark purple leggings are from Tea and have been the best color for all of Mimi's fall clothes.

The Zoe Blouse was inspired by Cali Faye's Voila Pattern.
The cardigan is from Mini Boden, and this is the third year for Mimi to wear it.  Worth the investment, right?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The November Shirt

*I need to thank you all again for your support and love with my starting this tiny little business!  The only way I am able to do this is because of you!  A few of you have asked how you can keep up if you aren't obsessed with Facebook.  Just put your e-mail in the box to the right that reads "Follow by E-mail" so you'll be able to read all of my blog updates.

A few weeks ago some of the most beautiful fabric popped into my life.

I bought it on a whim not knowing what I should make with any of it . . . and then it all came to me at once.  If you have any sort of creative mind, then you know what I'm talking about.  It's sort of like writer's block that *poof* is suddenly gone and replaced with more ideas than your mind can process.  

And lucky me all of this came to me in the middle of the night -- exactly when I need the most rest -- but my mind had more important things going on than dealing with nonsense like sleep.  For several nights I lay awake in bed (usually with a fuzzy blonde head in one or both of my sides because that's how the Darbys function).  The next morning it was all clear as day, and I was able to jot it down on the back of an envelope or a coloring sheet while slurping down cold coffee and telling those fuzzy blonde heads to get a move on or we'll be late . . . 

Then I finally found time to piece it all together and I am madly, deeply, truly in love.

Here's a little sneak.

I'm totally digging the deep brownish-plum with the bright turquoise, mustard, and pink feathery print.  It's so simple but so beautiful.  

And the mustard makes me want to curl up on the couch with a wool scarf and drink -- you thought I was going to say a pumpkin spice latte but I fooled you -- a big cup of coffee that is not cold.  

Oh, but the best part is the gray -- it was such a strange selection for me.  Do you have any idea what this gray is?  So I pretended to be a girl who does brunch with some other girls this morning, and I totally goobed out on them over this gray fabric.  Are y'all ready to get weird?  Stick around me for a while and you will be --

It's flannel.  Good ole Lumberjack, 1990's Seattle grunge rock flannel.  Oh, and it is so, so cozy and soft and perfect for these chilly days.  I'm so glad I got all weird and chose it because that little piece in the top right corner of the pic above is my absolute favorite piece I'm made yet.  But more on that top another day.

This morning I got lucky.  Miss Moody happily threw on this top that I had not intended for her to keep but to sell, and she said, "Ooh, Mommy.  I want to wear this with braids and my Indian boots today."

Well, alrighty.  Let's do this, Meemers.

    And isn't it lovely?

 Still eating her blueberry muffin (believe it or not, I do bake sometimes).

Pretty little keyhole opening with a button in the front, but the elastic neck is so stretchy that you never have to unbutton it.  And, of course that can be worn in the back for a change-a-roo if you get bored with it.

Pretty little stretchy sleeve that's easy to push up in case of painting and hand-washing.

 Such a simple perfect top.  I want one in my size.

The main reason she wanted to wear this shirt is because today is special.  Her dad (on one of the busiest days he's had in a while) is popping by her school to read some books to her.  And what did the monkey choose for him to read?

With a milk mustache.

It's no fun to be serious so why bother.

I can make the November shirt in sizes 2-10, and I always suggest ordering a size up if you are unsure.  More info to come on ordering in the next few days . . .

*This top was inspired by the Brownie Goose Betsy dress that you can find here.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

It's still November but . . .

*UPDATE -- the pajamas are now a shirt AND pants!  Hooray!  They come in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. (specify size when ordering)

. . . but Mimi wanted to sew something special with me today.  I was deep in thought with sewing absolutely the cutest jumper ever (just you wait -- you'll think so, too) when Mimi came to me all puppy-dog-sad-eyes and said, "When are you going to let me sew with you???"

I have begged and pleaded and begged and pleaded more for her to sit still long enough to learn a little about sewing, but she always gets the wiggles about three minutes in and skips off to something more interesting while I'm stuck sewing some dumb teddy bear.  Today she had a plan though when she saw a little red and green sticking out from under a pile of the most beautiful fabric ever (that I will eventually get around to using), and she squealed, "Christmas PJ's!!  Let's make some Christmas PJ's!!"

And so we did.

 (Note the tickle fest going on in the back between Daddy and Mr. No Pants.)

Then Mack put on some pants and got in on the action . . .

Oh, what fun!

Cotton Christmas pajama pants with an elastic waist and pink ribbon tie.  Your daughter needs a pair, doesn't she?  These PJ's come in a 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.

If you're unsure of the length of each size, measure your daughter's inseam:


In case you can't tell in the pics, Mimi's shirt is hot pink and the pants are red :).  I tried to get her to change to a gray shirt, and she said, "Ew."  Whatevs, Meemers.

You can grab a pair of Christmas PJ pants on Big Cartel Tuesday Night at 9:00 PM!  Save this link: