Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Lexi Jumper and the Zoe Blouse

*All details on ordering are at the bottom:)

Remember the November shirt I showed you a few days ago?  You can see it here.

I love her.  So perfect and so sophisticated.

(and that yellow chair.  are you also coveting?)

I found this furry vest recently and have forced it on Mimi as much as possible.  Zoe didn't have to be forced.  She adores it layered over the November shirt.  This girl has great taste.  

But there's more . . . 

The cute and playful (and comfortable) 

Lexi Jumper.

Soft gray flannel with a block of print and mustard pockets.  She is so. much. fun on the chilly days.  Oh, and she is lined with soft flannel also.  

Pair her with a long-sleeved top and some cozy leggings.  

Lexi doesn't love pants, so this number is right up her alley.  
And doesn't she look sooo adorable in it??

Simple plum button in the back.  Very easy to pull on and off.  And did I mention it's comfortable?

Rock stars.

Now for my favorite, favorite, favorite piece of the fall . . . 

The Zoe Blouse

So lovely.

Simple plum button closure in the back.

Gathered at the top with super soft gray flannel at the bottom.
(I'm still shocked flannel can be so feminine and pretty.)

Cute stuff.

Because it is snowing outside, I love the Zoe Blouse paired with a simple cardigan.

Dressy enough for date night with Dad but cozy enough that your little girl will love wearing it.

*All three items -- the November Shirt, the Lexi Jumper, and the Zoe Blouse will be up for grabs this Wednesday night (Nov 19) at 9:00 PM Central at mimimack.bigcartel.com

Save the Big Cartel address and put it in your calendar!  I will try to remind you on Facebook, but not everyone has been seeing the mimi & mack updates (make sure you "Like" and "Follow" to get all the updates).

I only make a few of each item so there aren't six little girls in your Pre-K with the same outfit (and I get really bored making the same thing over and over!) so order early.

All three pieces can be made in sizes 2-10, and you can e-mail me the size after you purchase.

*The November Shirt was inspired by BG's Betsy Pattern.
That adorable furry vest is from -- get ready for this -- Tarjay!  That's right.  It was only about $17 at Target.

The Lexi Jumper was inspired by BG's Cricket Pattern.
The dark purple leggings are from Tea and have been the best color for all of Mimi's fall clothes.

The Zoe Blouse was inspired by Cali Faye's Voila Pattern.
The cardigan is from Mini Boden, and this is the third year for Mimi to wear it.  Worth the investment, right?

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