Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I'm about to sew something that scares the mess out of me.  So I must stall.

First of all, I am BLOWN away by all of your support!  Like, I sat down and had an ugly cry when a friend messaged me just a few hours after the upload that the first collection was sold out.  I thought about keeping the inventory super low (like one or two of each) but then took the plunge and allowed the max I could make to be sold -- and it happened.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

I spent the last few months pouring over patterns and photos and looking at seams of clothes in stores to the point the sales ladies thought I was cuckoo.  I really strive to make these clothes unique -- something that everyone needs a piece of in their closet and something that no one else in your town will have.  Several friends have suggested that I keep it simple and ordinary so things will fly off the shelf, and I get it.  But those are the items that we can all buy at Old Navy and Gap.  I want mimi & mack to be something special.  And I appreciate the heck out of those of you who get it.  Did I say thank you yet?

Moving on . . . several of you have asked about the shoes and jeans and extras in the photos of mimi & mack clothing, so I'll share my secrets.:)

I'm still giggling at this serious face . . .

These cork ballet flats were a STEAL from Peek Kids Clothing.   They are no longer available (I think I paid $15 for them at the end of the summer), BUT Peek has some adorable ballet flats and boots right now!!

Yet another serious face . . .

The leather headband is just a piece of leather string I bought in a pack from Joann's.  Mimi also belted this Sadye top with the string, and it look awesome.

The jeans are from H&M and the boots are Minnetonka from Nordstrom.  I love finding inexpensive jeans and leggings for Meemers and H&M is the place to get them.  Check out their boys' jeans and cords also because they have some really fun colors.  Mack wears a pair of skinny cords almost every day, and I am in loooooove (and they're only $9!!!!).  

And last one . . .

On the left, Mimi's navy boots with bright red zippers are from Mini Boden.  They no longer have the suede ones but they now come in leather!  Even better, right? Boden also has some adorable ballet flats and short boots that I am trying to find a way to make a necessary purchase.  Oh, and they are all ON SALE right now!!  Yippee!!

Peach is wearing the H&M jeans and the Peek ballet flats.

And to make myself feel better I am going to apologize for adding to your shopping addiction.  You're welcome. :)

Now I need to tackle my next project and get the October line ready to sell for all of you!  More details soon . . .

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