Monday, September 8, 2014

Give me the details, please

I am THRILLED to have all the photos for the first REAL Fall Collection for Mimi & Mack!!  This has been a true labor of love and makes my heart so happy to share it with all of you.

Just a little about myself if you're new around here -- I am a mom of a crazy 6-year-old girl and a silly 4-year old boy, and I learned to sew when my daughter was 18 months old.  I was tired of buying boutique clothing made out of flimsy fabrics and thought why not try this myself?  After many late-night mess-ups and uneven hems and a few bad words, I finally taught myself to make pretty dresses for my daughter.  But she can only wear so many outfits (what? a girl can never have too many outfits, right?), so I made the decision to share my love with others.

I began by taking a few custom orders here and there, but before long I found myself making things I truly didn't love.  Making those items helped me grow, so I am grateful, but I really needed to develop my own style.  I'm originally from a small town in Mississippi and adore the sweet traditional and smocked clothing (that mommas put their babies in for daycare and play dates and a frolic in mud puddles -- I'm not even kidding), but being exposed to the big city style that kids in Chicago have morphed my taste a little.  And I'm so grateful for both.

My goal is to combine the South and the City to make quality, stylish clothing for children that are still comfortable . . . and to make the moms jealous of their daughters' closets, right?  Still wondering why I didn't just make all of these for ME??

Orders will open Wednesday, September 10 at   

If you would love to have something in the collection, please read all of the details below.  The sizing chart is listed at the bottom, so please, please, please measure your child before choosing a size.  All pieces can be made in sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10.  If you have any concerns, just note that when placing the order or e-mail me at

So these are my four outfits that I've poured myself into over the last few weeks . . . 

The Sadye Tunic

Mom, this is my favorite shirt you've ever made for me ever, ever.

Why, Mimi?

Because it looks like a cape and makes me feel brave.

I'll take that.

This high-low tunic is made of navy cotton in the front with a gorgeous thicker linen blend for the back, the pocket, and the binding (yes, I know linen is traditionally for summer, but trust me on this.  It works).  It does not have any buttons or zippers, so please check the size chart for head size at the bottom of this post before ordering.

Oh, the back.  What a statement . . . 

For more photos of the Sadye Tunic, see here.

The Suzy Dress

Made from a gorgeous saffron cotton and lined with a rich plum, the Suzy Dress is absolutely my favorite dress that I have ever made.  The design has been swirling in my mind for a while (um, like two years), but I never found the time to try it out.  It wasn't so bad, and the outcome for me is simply breathtaking.

All dresses need pockets just as all girls need treasure.  The pockets are also lined with the deep plum fabric (you can see a little peek of them in the photo above). 

 The button closure makes slipping the dress on and off easy.  These buttons are actually a dark teal, but they appear smurf blue in the pic.  I promise they are not smurf blue :).

The length of the dress is a little on the short side, so please check the size chart at the bottom.  Again, please let me know if you have a concern when placing your order.  

For more photos, check here.  

*Also, this dress was inspired by BG's Lazy Susan pattern (check out if you or your momma and 'em sew!) 

The Kate Dress and the Olivia Peplum Top

My little monkey, Mimi, is on the left and her friend, Olivia AKA "Peach" is on the right.  And I could not be happier about their little photo shoot.  These two are a real trip!

The Kate Dress that Mimi is wearing is my little classic dress.  Boat neck with tomato piping and a simple keyhole closure in the back with a mustard button . . . and she also has those awesome pockets made out of the bright tomato fabric.  The cropped sleeves make painting and eating and washing hands much easier (Oh, how I loathe having wet wrists!).  She is so simple and timeless, and the gorgeous blues are truly flattering.

The Olivia Peplum top was one of the most fun to make.  Wear her alone or layered with a cardigan or long-sleeved shirt for cooler days.  Mimi is actually wearing hers today with a cute gray cardigan, and I loooove the way it looks.  My eye was instantly drawn to the bright colors in this fabric -- chartreuse and turquoise and coral are so bright yet can work for fall.

If you love the front of the Olivia Peplum, you will go crazy over the magenta button placket in the back.  You can also see the keyhole opening and mustard button on the Kate Dress.   

For more photos of both, click here

Since the Olivia Peplum is a more fitted top, please measure your child's chest to compare with the chart below.  Also, the Kate Dress is a bit short, so let me know if you have any concerns when ordering.

*The Kate Dress was inspired by BG's Cricket pattern and the Olivia Peplum Top is inspired by Made's First Day pattern.  These are two basic patterns you NEED if you sew.  Trust me.

The Official Size Chart:

If I were you, I would order up a size and get two years' wear out of these outfits!  And those two dresses will also be gorgeous as tops with leggings as your little one grows. . . 
Measurement/ Size
Child’s chest
Child’s head
Length of dress (for Suzy/Kate)
*Here's how the ordering will go down . . . 

I am taking the next couple of days to upload pics and descriptions at, which is where you will place the order on Wednesday.  I will post here on this blog and on Facebook when the site is ready.  Please LIKE my Facebook page or follow this page for quick access also.  While you're at it, just go ahead and share my Facebook page with all your closest friends and family and neighbors and random moms you meet at the park and strangers on the train . . . 

I am waiting until I receive orders to make the sizes, so please let me know your concerns!  You can message me on Facebook or e-mail me at  

Also (this is important), quantities are VERY LIMITED.  I am not able to get my hands on a few of these fabrics anymore, so please order early if you are in love with a piece.

Another important concern is price . . . I'm working on it.  I'm trying to decide whether to give it all away or charge a set price for my time, which would make each piece at least $1,000.  So with that being said, prices will appear on Big Cartel once the items are ready for purchase.  Some of these fabrics cost more than what I usually work with, and I prefer to use pretty fabric for lining and pockets rather than an inexpensive type.  Quality is so very important to me, so I really want to take my time when choosing fabrics and when making all of these items.

Thanks so much for letting me share this with you!!  I really appreciate all the love!!       


  1. tables have turned...might have to stalk you tomorrow. ;) pretty sure lou needs that sadie! i might need to set an alarm since my brain is no longer living with me.

    1. My brain walked away a long time ago . . . Lou would look AWESOME in that top!!