Sunday, September 7, 2014

Saturday Adventures

Out and about enjoying the most perfect weather.

A pretty peplum top and tunic for two pretty girls.

Hey, let's check this out . . . 

Gorgeous colors for this perfect fall day.

I'm crazy about the buttons up the back on the left and the pretty keyhole closure on the right.  

These two pieces are all I could have ever wished for . . .

Where should we go today?

Pockets for the tunic because a girl needs a place to keep her treasures.

Meemers and Peach.

Length just short enough for climbing.

Hooray for gorgeous, crisp days!

Their favorite sighting of the day.

So glad they're not lacking in silly.

Let's catch that train!

The colors, oh those gorgeous bright colors!  I am swooning!  Details on sizing and how to order will be up in the next couple of days.  But for today I am just going to stare at these pics of two silly little girls who made my afternoon so delightful.  Thanks for viewing along with me . . .


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    1. I plan to make a couple of boy things in the spring . . . possibly one for the winter if I can find just the right fabric :)