Friday, July 19, 2013

Lucy Shorts!!!

I thought I loved the Blue Skies racer back dress the most, but . . .

I can't get enough of these shorts!!

Who wears short shorts?

I have been searching for the perfect "camp short"  for Mimi -- not too cutesy and not too casual with plenty of room to romp -- and I think I found the perfect ones.  I saw similar shorts in an Anthropologie catalog in the spring, then Crewcuts had a pair edged with ruffles, and then my search for a pattern was on (sewing mommas, skip down to the bottom for links to this pattern and similar ones).

The shorts are $30 (plus $3 shipping) and sizes are posted above each pic.

E-mail orders to only!! No FB messages.

Size 2



SIZE 5 (I need to add elastic to waist and sew on buttons)

SIZE 6 (I still need to add elastic to waist and sew on buttons)

SIZE 8 (still need to add elastic to waist and sew on buttons)

Whew, please excuse the unfinished ones that still need elastic and buttons!!

For all you sewing mommas, I need to give you info first because all of your daughters, nieces, and friends' daughters need a pair of these.  You can find several similar patterns:

Oliver + S Picnic Blouse + Shorts.  Meeny Miny Moe (link to the right) had some similar ones last summer that I was in love with!  The blouse pattern is also pretty adorable.

Brownie Goose Seaside Shorts.  Amy at BG posted a photo of these shorts on FB several weeks ago, but I wasn't patient enough to wait for the pattern to be up for sale.  Because she is so stinkin nice, she directed me to the next link:

Cali Faye Collection Tulip Shorts.  And this was the pattern I used.  This is the same chick who wrote the racer back pattern, so she is on my favorites list!  Her patterns are simple and perfect for beginners such as myself.  The pattern is actually for reversible shorts without the binding, but I changed it up a little.

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  1. Gorgeous shorts! Do you think the pattern can be altered for a size 1 ?