Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Lovin'

You thought I had fallen off the face of the earth, right?  Well, I did, sorta, but now I'm making a come-back!  A very wimpy come-back, but 2 points for trying, right?

I think I've figured out a few kinks, organized myself a little better, and will slowly be putting a few more items out to buy.  But absolutely no more orders.  This was all my fault.  I thought I could do it, but the unexpected disruptions such as a toddler who fights his naps or needing to actually cook dinner or, I don't know, buying a new house and living through showings when the owner of my condo decides to put it on the market kinda got in my way.  Our dining area, which is about half of our living space, turns into a war zone when I'm sewing, and for some reason the realtor thought of that as clutter.  Whatevs.  The condo sold in 3 days, so I can pull my "clutter" back out and stop cleaning the toilets!  Hooray!  So maybe I should keep up those toilets . . .

If you've ordered anything, you should have it in your possession.  If you don't, then I've lost my mind and need to be committed.

Now, to get to the good stuff.  I have two precious outfits up for sale!!  Yippeeeee!!!!

They are made of some of my favorite interesting fabrics that scream bohemian louder than the Indigo Girls.  Here they are:

That's right.  My crazy little models are back and better than ever!  I took these photos back in the winter which ended, oh, about a week ago (stupid weather), so now their hair is blonder and their shoulders are tan.  If I thought there was a chance I could get them to cooperate again, I would try to get outdoor photos :).

I have 2 different outfits.  We'll call this the Summer Ikat Line.  

Summer Ikat Halter Top with Darby Shorts:  The one on Mimi on the left is a halter top with dark denim Darby shorts.  The shorts can be worn with EVERYTHING.  Dark denim, tan wooden buttons with cream tabs and back pockets, and a comfy elastic waist.

The halter top is a-mazing!  One of my favorite pieces I've ever made.  Two layers of fabric -- red Ikat and yellow floral -- with elastic around the bodice and ties at the back of the neck.  But get this -- the halters straps are removable, so the top can then become a skirt!  Coolest top eva'.  I know, right?!!

With straps as a halter . . .

Without straps as a skirt . . .

Two layers of beautiful fabric . . .

The tab with cute button detail.

Two fancy back pockets (looks like I need to trim some thread).


These girls are just too much.  The top/skirt in one with the shorts is $65.00.  It is a size 4 (It fits Mimi perfectly.  She wears a 4 and is beginning to wear some 5's).  First come, first serve -- I'm taking no orders.  Just e-mail me at

Want another outfit?


Okay, here she is.  The cute Ikat skirt and matching headband on the right.  Who loves it??

I do!  I do!!!

The skirt is a size 6 (but can be cinched to fit a 4 or 5 because of the drawstring.  It can prob even fit a 7 because of the stretchy waist).  And I'll throw in the bright yellow Old Navy tank, which is a size 5.  

Pretty, pretty Ikat fabric over the bright red and white layer.

And a matching headband just for fun.

The skirt, headband (and free Old Navy tank) are $35.00.  I will not be taking any orders for this, so please e-mail me at if you're interested.

Fingers crossed there will be more to come soon before summer is over!!  I still have so many ideas and so much gorgeous fabric, and I'll keep you updated as I find time to sew (and as I will soon have an entire basement for sewing!!  Woohoo!!

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