Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October 2015 Brownie-Goose Online Showcase

Welcome to Mimi & Mack, my tiny handmade sewing business!  My name is Jeri Anne, and I began sewing for my little ones about five years ago.  A couple of years later I was brave enough to sew for friends, and a year ago I decided to open up my creations to the public.  

Joining the Brownie-Goose Online Showcase has made this past year a whirlwind -- an amazing whirlwind.  I only had a handful of items posted on my Facebook page, and I was lucky enough the BG girls took a chance on me.  Those ladies are absolute geniuses and keep motivating me to be more creative.

Since Facebook makes it tricky to view all my Showcase pieces, I have them all in this nice little post for you along with sizes (exact measurements are posted in the pics on the Showcase page -- please measure your child!).  

The Juliet Dress in a size 4/5

Gold metallic sparkles, gold buttons on the collar, and a fancy gold zipper all on sturdy cotton and canvas fabric.  Oh, that also has metallic gold confetti ;).

Aren't pockets just the best thing invented?

*By the way, you can get your hands on this awesome crown at H&M.

The Lucia Outfit
Size 2/3

Oh, this sweet little outfit on this sweet little girl.  Swoon . . . 

A soft chambray tunic over cozy plaid flannel bloomers.

Wear it as is or add knee socks and a cardigan for chilly days.

A simple button for easy on and off.

The Emilia Set
Size 3

I could squeeze this photo it's so cute!!

Super soft gray brushed cotton top with luscious gold velveteen bottoms.  I am in love.

Wear the shirt tucked in or on the outside.  The suspenders button on and off, and also have extra length in case your little one has a growth spurt (as she most likely will).

The Lola Dress
Size 4/5

She's only for the fierce girl -- ROARRRR!!!

A sweet peach background covered in edgy geometric shapes and bright colors.  I am obsessed with this fabric!

A simple gold button closure in the back.

Those hidden pockets make me so stinking happy.

*You can find the comfy moccasins here.

 The gorgeous Margot Dress
Size 6

When this fabric came in the mail, it was not what I expected.  I stood staring at it and scratching my head.  Would the dress I had in mind turn out like a lumberjack's flannel blanket?

But, thank goodness, it did not -- Margot is soft and cozy yet soooo sophisticated!

(and she also has my favorite hidden pockets)

Those gold buttons mixed with soft fabrics.  Oh, I adore!

 I am digging the curved waistline.

Am so in love . . .

These two cuties . . .

Here's my little stinker, Mimi, in the Camille Set
Size 6

This top is made of luscious cotton lawn -- so soft and dreamy.

(By the way, my Mimi normally wears a 5, so this outfit is a smidgen too big for her. )

I'm obsessed with the gorgeous gold welt pocket. 

 And those buttons . . . 

You're dying for these shoes, right?  The hip gray booties on the left are (hold your credit cards, ladies), from Target!!  And they have fab zippers in the back I adore.
The cheetah print t-strap Mary Janes on the right are from Mini Boden.  I can't resist a good 30% Boden sale ;).

The Sofie Set
Size 6/7

This one almost didn't make it in the showcase!  I tried it on Mimi this morning and realized it is a smidgen too big for her.

She said, "But, Mommy, I looooove these soft pants!  Can you please make them for me."  Sigh, lucky for her I do have a bit of fabric left for something similar (that isn't rolled at the top and bottom).

I am in love with the scoop in the back . . .

I set out to make Sofie a simple play outfit, but the gorgeous neckline and fun kangaroo pocket make it so much more!

You asked and asked and asked, and I DO NOT make boy items.  But I did anyway (because I love you)

The Saturday Baby Cardigan and Pants
Size 6-12M

Throw the soft knit cardigan on over a simple onesie and pull on the elastic waist pants.  Cool outfit in seconds. 

And the back pocket is the BEST part!

New England Fisherman Set
Size 2

I have a crush on this guy ;).  And these pants . . . did I mention they are made of soft, flannel-lined gray sweatsuit material??  Oh, that the cozy plaid flannel makes them too soft to resist.

The t-shirt is a soft American Apparel raglan tee.

 The applique on the shirt might fray a bit after wash and wear -- don't freak out.  It's supposed to do that.  The cuffs can be rolled higher or longer for a custom length.

The Great Plains Tepee Set
Size 4

Can you tell I love American Apparel raglan tees??

I can't get enough of this outfit!  The corduroy pants are fully lined with soft plaid flannel, and the cuffs can be rolled higher or longer for a custom length.

Just as with the Fisherman shirt, the tepee will fray a bit.  No worries -- it's supposed to do that.

Please let me know if you have any questions!!  I am so excited about this Brownie-Goose Showcase because the other ladies have really brought their A-game this round!  Make sure you check out the page and show them some love.

*In order to purchase, be the first to type "SOLD and your PayPal address" under the correct photo of the item.  Be one your toes -- some of these customers are quick!

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