Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Quick recap for the newbies

Whoa, I didn't realize I'd been neglecting the blog for so long.  Lots of updating to do -- on what has been going on and what is yet to come.  First thing's first -- WELCOME!!  Many of you have discovered my tiny business recently, and I am so, so happy you found me!

Just a little background if you're new around here.  I am a mommy to a 6-year-old wonder girl and a 4-year-old stinky boy, and I began sewing about five years ago after becoming a children's clothes shopaholic.  I kept buying and buying trying to find those designs that were in my mind until I realized I could use a sewing machine and make them myself.  After my daughter's closet rack almost broke in half, I knew it was time to share the love.  And so Mimi & Mack was born.

I sew in my spare time, so for now Mimi & Mack will stay tiny.  The items may be hard to come by because of this, but when you are able to get your hands on the perfect outfit for your child you will know that she will probably be the only child at her sister's dance recital in that perfect outfit.

Right now I am a part of an amazing group called the Brownie-Goose Online Showcase (rolls off the tongue, right?) on Facebook.  This is a group of over 20 fantastic designers who have come together to sell our creations and possibly inspire other designers.  We mainly use patterns made by the fabulous Amy of Brownie-Goose, but will also use our own designs and patterns from other designers.  We have a sale this Monday night and then the next one will be at the end of July.

Here are a few items that I have sold on BG this spring:

My daughter is lucky to be in a fantastic school, and I was happy to help out with the PTO fundraiser, Cocktails and Couture, this spring.  Some fun pieces that sold from that event:

I recently took a break from public sales and made a few things for family and close friends so I could test out some new ideas, but I am now working on new items for all of you.  The fabulous SIMONE SKIRT will be at mimimack.bigcartel.com very soon!  

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