Friday, January 9, 2015

I have some explaining to do . . .

 Happy 2015!!

Last fall both of my children began school full time (fist bump!), and I set out on a journey to find myself . . . in a dark basement . . . covered in little threads . . . and absolutely falling in love.

My little (tiny) sewing business began with only selling to just a few friends, but this past fall I decided to open it up to others.  And I couldn't be happier about my decision.  I am spending lots of time searching for the perfect patterns and the most beautiful fabrics, and with every item I sew I get a bit more addicted.  For now and possibly forever, this will just be me so I can make sure I keep the quality high.

Before I dive into an explanation of what's going on right now, I need to thank YOU.  So far everything has been selling out within a matter of a few minutes, and I get all choked up at the amazing responses you and your children have given me.  Someone very wise once told me to stop taking custom orders and make things exactly how I want -- and if my heart is fully into it, I will succeed.  If it wasn't for my friends and new customers who have been so, so incredibly supportive, then I would not be able to continue (because obviously I can't fit into these teeny clothes).  So from the bottom of my heart I need to thank all of you!  

I also must confess that I didn't just wake up one day being able to do all of this.  After teaching myself to sew, I got gobs of inspiration from several folks who actually know what they are doing -- the patient ladies at Bumblebees in Memphis, the helpful girls at The Needle Shop in Chicago, and the amazing pattern designer behind Brownie-Goose, Amy Norris.

 Several wonderful ladies who have small shops like mine got together last fall to create a Showcase of outfits made by using solely Brownie-Goose patterns.  They were able to modify the patterns and choose any fabrics they wished, and the results were amazing.  When I saw this, I immediately sent a message to the coordinators and then held my breath that maybe something I had made in the past few months would catch their attention.  

And I am happy, I mean ECSTATIC to be a part of the January 2015 Brownie-Goose Showcase! 

 (hang on while I turn cartwheels over here)

*Set your alarms for 8:00 PM Eastern time on January 29th at

After I got over my initial freak-out and self-doubting phase, I went to work.  The rules are that I must make 5 one of a kind (OOAK) outfits sizes 6M-7 along with up to 5 other outfits that are ready to ship (RTS).  Designers are already posting sneak peeks of their outfits NOW, so go ahead and "like" the Brownie-Goose Showcase page to see these.  There have already been some gorgeous options that I have been drooling over -- some sweet traditional prints, super girly ruffles, and several more modern designs.  With over 20 designers and at least 100 outfits, there will be something that you will want to put on your little one.  

My highlight day is this Tuesday, January 13th, so please, please, please check it out that day (and SHARE if you like them!).

Since you guys are so good to me, I'll go ahead and share a few sneakers with y'all.

Making spring tops when it is -3 degrees definitely warms me up a bit.

Just noticed I should have ironed this voile before snapping pics . . . oops.

A bright magenta button . . . 

Could that be a Peter Pan collar I spy?  So unlike me, but I think I love.

Wishing this one was in my size . . . 

I rarely make tiny sizes, but I can't wait to see this on a chunky baby!

A flutter . . . 

The whole idea behind this showcase is to provide inspiration.  Nothing makes me happier than to have a friend tell me I inspired them to dust off their old machine.  I know they must be thinking "if Jeri Anne can get it together and do it . . . "  So all these incredibly kind and helpful ladies are bouncing ideas off of one another to come up with dresses and outfits that you can't find in your local boutique or on Etsy.  Of course we hope to have a successful sell-out, but it is even more exciting that we can show other "sewists" how to modify simple patterns and make them incredible.  

So set those alarms RIGHT NOW before your baby wakes up from her nap for January 29th at 8PM EASTERN time and "like" the Brownie-Goose Showcase page on Facebook.  Because FB can be finicky, make sure you are "liking" or commenting on pics so they will continue to show up in your feed.  

Fingers crossed I can get everything cranked out by then (and that I'll get asked to do this again!).  Let me know if you have any questions!  As soon as the showcase is over, I will begin putting spring clothes into my Big Cartel shop :)

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