Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Let's all march in the elephant parade . . .

I.  Heart.  This.  Dress.

And so does Mimi.  Obvs.

She threw a little hissy fit when I told her she couldn't wear it to school.  Poor baby.

So I'll shut my mouth and get the details on how to order out of the way.

E-mail "I WANT THIS ELEPHANT DRESS!!!" or something like that to if you're interested.

It is a 6/7, which is too big on Mimi.  I would make a 4/5 for her, BUT it doesn't look crazy huge.  Maybe consider the 6/7 so she can wear it for 3 years!  Seriously,  the third year she can totally wear it with leggings if too short.

The cost of the dress is $40 plus shipping (which is usually around $4).  If you live near Chi-town, this might be a great reason for us to get together. :)

  Hula in her elephant dress.  Because that's what you do in an elephant parade.

Cutesy-pootsie pocket for all her weird Lalaloopsy dolls.  (By the way, did you notice that she's holding a super old Happy Meal Ronald McDonald toy she found at her Bebe's house?)

"Mimi, make a pretty face so I can take a close shot of the ruffled collar.  Um . . . really, Meemers?"

If you are in serious need of this dress and it's just not your size or favorite fabric, give me some time.  I will make more!

Everyone please give Amy at Brownie Goose a round of applause for creating this beautiful pattern!  Yay, Amy!  You rock my socks off!  If you love to sew, you can find this pattern here.

By the way, I am totally sitting in my car in the garage typing all of this right now.  This guy didn't want to stop watching Curious George in the car after we dropped off Mimi, so he's STILL strapped in his carseat watching while we use up all the battery.  And this is how I roll, ladies.

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